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Your past is already written. The future is a blank sheet of paper for you to write on;

Overlooking the Mist

Frustration born from the inability to change the world fast enough and when others do not get it...

Starting Step was born out of frustration

When someone asks why.


We ask why not...

Our ethos is to be empathetic to all and to inspire others to be the same. To lead by example in everything we do, whilst building a legacy that supports and protects the environment and EVERY living being within it.

Our mission is to improve the life chances of those who suffer from social disadvantage and give them the tools to be the best they can be; to use innovation to inspire individuals to achieve their potential.

Our vision is for a future where custody is the last resort and not the default; where youngsters are not excluded from mainstream education because they do not ‘fit in’.  We believe that no one should be sentenced to imprisonment or excluded from society for their own needs and rehabilitation. This view is neither ideological nor controversial but is human and compassionate.

This will allow us to support people without the boundaries set by outside funders and the time constraints that brings.

After working in the third sector for over 13 years it is clear that there are still many areas where those in need fall through the cracks.

Having spent many years listening to people who have suffered from discrimination, been let down, ignored and forgotten we want the chance to know that we have done absolutely everything to give those people the best chance to turn their lives around.

Text big journeys begin with small steps

We know the benefits of working in an inclusive and holistic approach.


However, we also know how difficult it is to develop a socially inclusive entity when having to continually rely on grants and the inevitable outcomes the funders demand.

We're here to help you start the journey.

The destination is up to you.

Everyone's journey is unique.

We have taken the first step on our journey….

The Future

​Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it.

We all need a hand sometimes, ours is here for you….

So take the first step...

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